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How to participate in the EquaCoin IDCO ?

Initial Democratic Coin Offering 
starting on November 30, 2017

EquaCoin [EQUA] is verified by Waves Platform, here:

IDCO official Exchange rates: 

- 1 EquaCoin = 5.45 CNY (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.00144 ETH (on and
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.0000875 BTC (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.70 wEURO (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.80 wUSD (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.20 WAVES (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.003 ZCASH (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.01 LITECOIN (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 10 MRT (only on
- 1 EquaCoin = 180 COF

Disclaimer: EquaCoins are not intended for speculation and hold no rights or claims to intellectual or other property. We do not comment on exchanges, market price or market appreciation. 
How to buy EquaCoins:

First of all, register and create a Waves wallet on

Here you can find a short tutorial:

  The EquaCoin token (EQUA) represents EquaCoin on the Waves blockchain. Waves allow people to store and transfer it efficiently due to Waves’ high speeds and low transaction fees.

You can receive your FIRST EquaCoin for free HERE

Then you can partecipate in 3 ways:

1.       If you already have Ethers (ETH), Bitcoin, US dollars or Euro sent it to your Waves wallet then you can buy EquaCoins (EQUA) directly on the Waves Platform DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

2.       If you don’t have Ethers (ETH), Bitcoin, you need to get them first, then you can buy EquaCoins

3.       If you prefer to make a wire transfer to buy EquaCoins write to: for more information.


If it’s the first time that you partecipate to an IDCO, you need to get either Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) first so you need to follow the steps below:

1.       Create a new wallet on the Waves Platform:

2.       Buy ETH or BTC in one of the following Exchanges:  Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, etc.

3.       Once you have Ethers or Bitcoins in your Waves Wallet you can buy/exchange EquaCoins directly in the DEX

If you have your ETH / BTC in a wallet OUTSIDE the Waves platform  
you can send it to your own Waves wallet, and then follow the above instructions.

ETH: Please do not deposit ERC20 tokens on the Waves platform! Only Ethereum is allowed. 


giovedì 7 dicembre 2017

Paris Fintech Forum 2018

Les 30 & 31 janvier prochains, les acteurs de la finance digitale du monde entier se rassembleront au Palais Brongniart à Paris, pour échanger sur l'avenir du secteur au cours du Paris Fintech Forum 2018, l'événement de référence sur la finance digitale et la Fintech.

Ministres, dirigeants de banques, assureurs, régulateurs, opérateurs télécoms, et fonds d'investissements : ils se sont tous donné RV au "Davos de la finance digitale" qui se tiendra à Paris sous le haut patronage du ministère de l'économie et des finances français.

En attendant vous pouvez découvrir ou redécouvrir la liste à jour de tous les orateurs déjà confirmés ainsi que leurs biographies.


Parmi les orateurs déjà confirmés
- F. Villeroy de Galhau, Gouverneur, Banque de France (France)
- W. Mijs, CEO, European Banking Federation (Belgium)
- F. Pérol, CEO, BPCE (France)
- J.L. Bonnafé, CEO, BNP Paribas(France)
- F. Oudéa, CEO, Société Générale (France)
- G. Leibbrandt, CEO, SWIFT (Belgium)
- S. Richard, CEO, Orange (France)
- D. Rutter, CEO, R3 (United States)
- T. Paavola, CEO, BBVA for New Digital Businesses (Spain)
- P. Demurger, CEO, MAIF (France)
- O. Guersent, MD FS & Capital Markets, European Commission (Belgium)
- A. Caudoux, Deputy CEO, Bpifrance (France)
- S. Boujnah, CEO, Euronext (Netherland)
- M.A. Barbat-Layani, CEO, Fédération des Banques Françaises (France)
- R. Kapoor, CEO, Yes Bank (India)
- J. Richier, CEO, Allianz (France)
- R. Le Moal, CEO, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa (France)
- K. Hommels, CEO, Lakestar (Switzerland)
- K. Fournais, CEO, Saxo Bank (Denmark)
- P. Vallée, CEO, Gemalto (Netherlands)
- G. Gade, CEO, Cross River (United States)
- L. Valdich, Managing Director, Citi Ventures (United States)
- P. Sironi, FinTech Thought Leader, IBM (Germany)
- S. Park, Founder, Anthemis Group (United Kingdom)
- J. Rosenberg, General Partner, TCV (United Kingdom)
- P. Collombel, Managing Partner, Partech Ventures (France)
- M. Belinky, Managing Partner, Santander InnoVentures (United Kingdom)
- P. Botteri, Partner, Accel (United States)
- O. Harris, FinTech and In-Residence lead, J.P. Morgan (United Kingdom)
- P. Pinto Coelho, Chairman, Banco BNI Europa (Portugal)
- D. Blumberg, Managin Partner, Blumberg Capital(United States)
- J. Sidhu, CEO, BankMobile(United States)
- P. Mizrahi, Founding Partner, BlackFin Capital Partners (France)

- T. Hinrikus, Chairman, TransferWise (United Kingdom)
- R. Frohwein, CEO, Kabbage (United States)
- G. Andrews, Chairman, Zopa (United Kingdom)
- J. de Geer, CEO, iZettle (Sweden)
- V. Stalf, CEO, N26 (Germany)
- S. Walchek, CEO, Trov (United States)
- J. Lubin, Co-Founder, Ethereum (United States)
- D. Schreiber, CEO, Lemonade, (United States)
- J. Gardner, CEO, Marqeta (United States)
- A. Boden, CEO, Starling Bank (United Kingdom)
- G. Guigou, CEO, Younited Credit (France)
- I. Ahmed, CEO, WorldRemit (United Kingdom)
- I. Rotem, CEO, Credorax (Israel)
- I. Glazachev, CEO, Yandex Money (Russia)
- J. Sidhu, CEO, BankMobile (United States)
- Y. Dahiya, CEO, Policy Bazaar (India)
- N. Storonsky, CEO, Revolut (United Kingdom)
- L. Le Moan, CEO, Sigfox (France)
- N. Ogden, Chairman, ClearBank (United Kingdom)
- B. Milne, CEO, Dwolla (United States)
- O. Feldmeier, CEO, SmartValor (Switzerland)
- R. Knox, CEO, Tandem (United Kingdom)
- C. Rieche, CEO, Iwoca (United Kingdom)
- J. Teicke, CEO, WeFox (Switzerland)
- R. Johnen, CEO, Auxmoney (Germany)
- C. Stevens, CEO, Prodigy Finance (United Kingdom)
- H. Takeuchi, CEO, GoCardless (United Kingdom)
- M. Kent, CEO, Azimo (United Kingdom)
- J. Achin, CEO, DataRobot (United States)
- T. Georgadze, CEO, Raisin (Germany)
- O. Goy, CEO, Lendix (France)
- P. Gelis, CEO, Kantox (United Kingdom)
- M. Knecht, CEO, Billie (Germany)
- J. Tyler, CEO, (Canada)
- D. Peled, CEO, PayKey (Israel)
- C. Sanchez, CEO, Ipagoo (United Kingdom)
- N. Shaikh, CEO, Anthemis Group (United Kingdom)
- L. Le Moal, CEO, PayU (Netherlands)
- A. Graubner-Müller, CEO, Kreditech (Germany)
- J. Woloszczak, CEO, Spotcap (Germany)
- H. Montgomery, CEO, Money On Mobile (United States)
- L. Mäkelä, CEO, Invesdor (Finland)
- N. Koppel, CEO, Monese (United Kingdom)
- M. Froehler, CEO, Quantiacs (United States)
- R. Belkahia, President, AfriMarket (France)
- A. Prot, CEO, Qonto (France)
- B. Van Haetsdaele, CEO, Linxo (France)
- R. Caetano, CEO, Stratumn (France)
- L. Makoi, Founder, JamiiAfrica (Tanzania)
- M. Smida, CEO, Twisto (Czech Republic)
- J. Chester, Chairman, Bitwage (United States)
- B. Batin, CEO, ID Finance (Spain)
- T. Sievers, CEO, Deposit Solutions (Germany)
- O. Oanes, CEO, Numbrs (Switzerland)
- B. Singh Rangar, CEO, PremFina (United Kingdom)
- A. Cosentino, CEO, Afluenta (Argentina)

- L. Nizri, CEO Paris Fintech Forum & Altéir Consulting (France)
- O. Bussmann, Managing Partner, Bussmann Advisory (Switzerland)
- M. Carbone, Founder, Connected Insurance Observatory (Italy)
- G. Boskovich, Founder, FemTechGlobal (United Kingdom)
- J. Oxman, CEO, Electronic Transaction Association (United States)
- N. Zubairi, CEO, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (Luxembourg)
- T. Torris, Journaliste, Crowdfund Insider (United States)
- D. Goldberg, CEO, Founders Pledge (United Kingdom)
- P. Bouvier, Venture Partner, Santander InnoVentures (United States)

Et aussi 100+ autres CEOs de Fintechs en cours de sélection parmi plus de 700 candidatures reçues de plus de 50 pays!

venerdì 24 novembre 2017

Three good reasons to own a EquaCoin wallet

Three good reasons to own a EquaCoin wallet (and get rid of / from bank money)

On 9 November 2017, the ECB issued a document (page 8, here: which provides that in the event of a crisis, banks may stay closed for 5 working days. If the announcement is made on Friday it is clear that the banks would remain closed for at least 9 days: the following Saturday and Sunday, then the 5 days Monday to Friday, then again Saturday and Sunday and if there are no other scheduled holidays - as Christmas and New Year - the banks would finally reappear on Monday the second week after the announcement, ten days later. During this time, no user transactions will be possible through the normal banking circuit and we wonder whether this measure could ever be a measure of stabilization - rather than destabilization - of the economic and financial system. In addition, the document removes bank deposit guarantees and threatens the rationing of withdrawals in banknotes.
When cash withdrawals were ransacked in Greece, the ATMs of the House of Representatives of Greece were dealt with by the Members themselves, who benefited from a special preferential regime reserved for them. They withdrew as much cash as possible two days before blocking the public by enjoying insider trading.

Security first of all

All this with the EquaCoin electronic purse can not be done. In fact, unlike the bank account, the electronic purse is segregated from the accounting of the company EquaCoin launching the initiative. Current accounts, on the other hand, are linked to the bank's accounts where they are lit because they are not considered as coins but rather bank liabilities! The customer thinks they have real money on the account - and in fact international accounting standards consider deposits as cash - but banks, for tax and opportunistic reasons, prefer to consider customer money as a simple future commitment of the bank to deliver what appears in the customer account statement ... EquaCoin is already available in the electronic purse and the purse is a bearer's property just as if they were official currency coins in a normal physical purse. However, unlike the physical purse, the EquaCoin purse is nominative, can not be lost or stolen without the proprietor being able to claim the property. Public economic order is safe.

The second point: direct democracy

The ownership of a EquaCoin purse guarantees a right to vote on the monetary policies of the EquaCoin system to all the purse owners (one head one vote). The vote is direct without the intermediation of representatives.

The third point: equality

Voting by an owner of a purse with an EquaCoin has the same value as that of an owner of a purse that holds more than one EquaCoin. Anyone who downloads the EquaCoin purse is entitled to receive the first EquaCoin for free.

These three topics together already represent an unknown value to other monetary systems in force today. Not to mention that transactions between purse users happen in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and at a very low cost: less than a cent of a EUR per transaction.  

Tre buoni motivi per scegliere EquaCoin

Tre buoni motivi per avere un borsellino EquaCoin (e liberarsi della/dalla moneta bancaria)
Democrazia istantanea

Il 9 novembre 2017 la BCE ha rilasciato un documento (pag. 8, qui: ) che prevede che in caso di crisi, le banche possono rimanere chiuse per 5 giorni lavorativi. Se l’annuncio viene dato di venerdì è evidente che le banche rimarrebbero chiuse almeno 9 giorni: il sabato e domenica successivo, poi i 5 giorni dal lunedì al venerdì, poi ancora il sabato e domenica e, se non ci sono altre feste programmate – come natale e capodanno – le banche finalmente riaprirebbero il lunedì della seconda settimana dopo l’annuncio, dieci giorni dopo. In questo periodo non saranno possibili transazioni degli utenti attraverso il normale circuito bancario e viene da chiedersi se questa misura possa mai essere considerata una misura di stabilizzazione – piuttosto che di destabilizzazione – del sistema economico-finanziario.
Oltre a questo, il documento toglie le garanzie ai depositi bancari e minaccia il razionamento dei prelievi in banconote ai bancomat.
Quando in Grecia furono razionati i prelievi ai bancomat, si assistette alla corsa al bancomat dello sportello interno della Camera dei deputati greca da parte dei deputati stessi che usufruivano di un regime speciale di favore a loro riservato. I deputati ritirarono quanto più contante possibile due giorni prima del blocco al pubblico godendo di informazioni privilegiate (insider trading).

La sicurezza prima di tutto

Tutto questo con il borsellino elettronico EquaCoin non può avvenire. Infatti, a differenza del conto corrente bancario, il borsellino elettronico è segregato dalla contabilità della società EquaCoin che lancia l’iniziativa. I conti correnti invece sono collegati alla contabilità della banca in cui sono accesi poiché non vengono considerati moneta, ma bensì passività della banca stessa ! Il cliente pensa di avere soldi veri sul conto – e difatti le norme contabili internazionali considerano i depositi come contanti – ma le banche, per motivi fiscali ed opportunistici, preferiscono considerare i soldi della clientela come una passività bancaria, un semplice impegno futuro della banca di consegnare quello che appare come moneta legale nell’estratto conto dei clienti… Nel borsellino elettronico EquaCoin gli EquaCoin sono già disponibili ed il borsellino rappresenta una proprietà del portatore proprio come le monetine in valuta ufficiale in un normale borsellino fisico. A differenza però dal borsellino fisico, il borsellino EquaCoin è nominativo e non può essere rubato o sottratto senza che il proprietario ne possa rivendicare la proprietà. L’ordine pubblico economico è salvo.

Il secondo punto: la democrazia diretta

La proprietà di un borsellino EquaCoin garantisce un diritto di voto procapite sulle politiche monetarie del sistema EquaCoin a tutti i proprietari del borsellino. Il voto è diretto senza l’intermediazione di rappresentanti.

Il terzo punto: l'equità

Il voto di un proprietario di un borsellino con dentro un EquaCoin ha lo stesso valore di quello di un proprietario di un borsellino che contiene cento o più EquaCoin. Chiunque scarica il borsellino EquaCoin ha diritto a ricevere il primo EquaCoin gratuitamente.

Questi tre argomenti assieme rappresentano già un valore sconosciuto ad altri sistemi monetari oggi in vigore. Senza contare che le transazioni tra gli utenti dei borsellini avvengono in tempo reale, 24 ore su 24, sette giorni su sette, e a costo bassissimo: un millesimo di Waves a transazione (
corrispondente a circa un centesimo di euro).  

How to participate in the EquaCoin IDCO ?

HOW TO PARTECIPATE TO THE EQUACOIN  I nitial D emocratic C oin O ffering  starting on November 30, 2017 EquaCoin [EQUA] is verified by ...